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Trustworthy, professional, and diligent. Cindy aims to offer an exceptional Real Estate experience.

Cindy Daly has been working in the real estate industry for more than 30 years, starting out at a boutique real estate law firm and mastering the technical aspects of transactions in the real estate space. She's won an award every year she's been a realtor, and in 2014, was the recipient of Royal Lepage's J&D President's Award.

Cindy is a visionary, seeing beyond the current state of a home to its full potential. With a robust roster of contacts, colleagues and resources, she will guide you through the staging and selling process efficiently, lending her expertise on pricing - all while having a few laughs along the way.

For buyers, Cindy puts her matchmaking skills to good use, understanding the unique needs and wants of each house-hunter. However, her true specialization is relocation - with 20 years in real estate law she understands the finer points of topics such as American tax law and the best local service providers to make the move as easy as possible.

A true people person and collaborator, Cindy is an active member of the Summerhill community. She has gleaned deep knowledge of the neighborhood, from local school districts and restaurants to retail and hidden gems. She is also in the top 10% of donors to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

Name : Cindy Daly
Brokerage : Johnston and Daniel
Address : 477 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto
Email :
Phone : 416-409-5757


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A diligent and organized professional can help you navigate the aggressive Toronto Real Estate market.

As a full service Buying Agent, my job is to ensure you receive an exceptional and diligent process through every aspect of your property hunt and purchase.

Clients who work with me stay informed, are listened to, and feel well represented. I strive to offer a first-class service and be worthy of your business at every stage in the purchase.

Whenever you need assistance - in finding and evaluating properties, assisting your decision making, fighting for you and negotiating on your behalf, or interpreting legalize - you can count on me to provide a diligent and professional experience.

It is important that clients understand the process I go through with them to help them purchase their new home, investment or business property. I’ve outlined my step-by-step approach below.

First Meetings and Understanding Your Needs

At the beginning of any property search, there are a few critical things that we need to establish together: budget, needs/wants, constraints, and timelines. Most often I meet my clients over coffee to start this process.

Getting to Know You

Our first discussion revolves around learning about each other. It's important to me that you know about the market and that you have an opportunity to really voice your wants and needs. I like to start by asking about the research you've already completed and the neighborhoods you're considering. We spend most of our time ensuring you know critical information about the locations you are exploring--price points, history, transportation, neighborhood feel, community, schools, shopping etc.

My goal is to ensure you are fully informed about each unique area of the Toronto market.

The Buyers Package

The first meeting also often involves reviewing my Buyer’s Package with you (a set of documents I give to all my potential clients). This package includes the information you need to know and documents you need to have when purchasing your new home; law firm costs, closing costs, land transfer taxes, the agreement of purchase and sale, the buyer representation agreement, and a layperson’s version of each. I will also go through the financing and closing process with you, making sure that you are aware of critical financial matters connected to buying your home in Toronto (closing costs, land transfer taxes, pre-approval, bank drafts/deposit cheque, etc).

Establishing Expectations

Next, we establish our preferred communication methods, expected timelines and I’ll suggest a few necessary activities such as: calling the bank to review available financing, exploring neighborhoods, and writing down any questions you need answered.

I always want my clients to leave this meeting feeling confident that we are working towards the same timelines, with confidence in my expertise, and ready to find their dream home in Toronto. From there, we're off to the races! We go to work hunting for properties!

Going to See Properties

Now we get to the fun part! I’ll be sending you information on properties of interest, we’ll be communicating back and forth, and arranging to see properties together.

When searching for a property, good agents must be exceptional at four things: market knowledge, preparation, speedy access to available properties, and communication.

Market Knowledge

A buying agent must have an extensive knowledge of the current Toronto market. That’s why for each community of interest you are exploring, I will help you understand the core characteristics about each neighborhood including: current/historical prices and variance, properties that have recently sold, demographics of owners/renters, local greenspace, community hubs, transit, grocery stores, infrastructure, as well as future zoning, city plans, and developments.


Buying agents must be diligent at researching and monitoring the market every day. The average Toronto home only stays on the market 17 days (As of March 2018 TREB Data Stats) which means every day 5.8% of the market is new homes. At such an astounding rate unorganized agents simply miss good properties because they become overwhelmed.

I check in on the market twice a day, every day. Each day I also send each of my clients a notification of all the houses on the market within their specifications and price range. I also understand the importance of respecting my client’s time and schedule. I always try to arrange multiple property visits in a day so we can make the most out of your time.

Speedy Access to Available Properties

Agents also have a duty to their clients to be savvy at properly using the MLS system to find potential properties of interest, quickly and effortlessly. Using our proprietary Johnson and Daniel MLS notifications system, along with my personalized twice daily property review on your behalf, you can be assured that you will have speedy access to a depth and breadth of properties within your desired buying area and property features at your fingertips. This includes exploring properties that may not be in your target communities, but may have some of the selling features you are looking for. Through Johnston and Daniel I also have a line of exclusive (off market) listings.


A clear and consistent line of communication between Agent and Client is key to a successful buying process. I’ll work with you to establish a simple process where both parties can be sure that their messages are being received and followed up on, whether by text, phone or email. As a person of my word, I value and encourage open communication within our relationship guided by our agreed upon timelines and your goals.

Putting in an Offer and Purchasing a Property

Once we have the property you're in love with it's time to make an offer.

From our previous weeks of work together, we generally know the price range for the offer. I prepare the papers and we then sit down to review our offer - the price, our closing date, and our conditions. We talk finance - arranging the deposit bank draft, the upcoming down payment, and the certified cheque for the down payment and then we make our offer.

The Process of Making an Offer

There are multiple ways to purchase a home - sometimes we will make an offer and it gets accepted right away, other times we will be negotiating one-on-one with the seller, and other times we may end up in a bidding war.

With my years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in the Toronto market, you can trust that I’ll work hard to help you buy your perfect home at the right price.

Negotiations and Accepted Offer

Going into an offer it's essential that we have the most up-to-date information on comparables in the area.

I always try to talk to the other agent and understand their sellers’ motivations. I also strongly recommend to my clients that they go in with their best offer the first time, and I want them to know that I am going to go in and fight hard for that offer.

Being well prepared and knowing the market is key to winning the sale.

Bidding Wars

Unfortunately bidding wars have become common in the Toronto real estate market. Sometimes a client’s desire for a property leads them to a multiple offer situation.

If an offer comes down to a bidding war, I will make sure you are well represented and ensure that you aren’t bidding past your capability, or releasing conditions without understanding the potential impact of those decisions upon you as the buyer. During bidding wars it is extremely important to take a cool, rational approach and listen to each other throughout the process.

Private Sales

Even if you are buying a home privately, I offer a critical service to help guide you through the private sales process and help you solidify your decisions on closing dates, conditions, transition, moving arrangements and deal acceptance. I’ll assist with the paperwork and send all documents to your lawyer.

Closing the Deal

After the sale and before the close I’ll be checking in with you regularly ensuring any questions are answered, and needs are met. I'll help you plan your buyer visits and assist you in setting them up.

Legal Necessities

Prior to your closing date, I call the lawyer to ensure everything is lined up for the final close. I will also follow up with the other agent and sellers to ensure that everything is lined up for the final close.

In the days following your close I'll be on the phone answering any questions you may have.

What to Expect When Working With Cindy Purchasing a Property

Each experience I have working with clients is unique, but one commonality is I am always fully invested and passionate about providing a full service experience. The most recurrent comments I get from my client are compliments on my thoroughness, my community knowledge, how accommodating I am, and my sense of humor. I want my clients to know I really do care and always have their personal well being in mind.

You can always expect that I will work hard for you, thoroughly, and diligently. I'm organized and prepared which allows me to make sure the process is fun and relaxed for my clients. You can rest assured that I know the Toronto neighborhood like the back of my hand. I also have legal background as a Real Estate Law Clerk. I always show a great deal of professionalism, and establishing trust is always important. My integrity as an agent means everything to me; anything you say to me will always be held in confidence.

Let me show you what my 20 years in the Real Estate Business can do for you in finding your dream home.


When you work hard to prepare a home, you'll see the results when you close.

Agents in the Real Estate Market know the importance of preparing a home to show at it's highest potential. A well researched, cleaned, staged, repaired, photographed and marketed home sells exponentally faster and at a higher price than those without.

When working on your behalf to sell your home at the highest possible price, I strive to offer a first class service - I’ll help you prepare your home for sale, set the market price, market your property, negotiate the best offer and interpret legal necessities.

I will work to be worthy of your business at every stage in the selling process.

Market Analysis and Listing Presentation

Each home is different, and your home will require a unique selling strategy. Before completing a listing presentation, I’ll visit you at your home to get a better understanding of you and your property.

Keys to an Excellent Listing Presentation

Knowing a home’s history, renovations, amenities, style, and quirks are key to developing a direction for a sales strategy. Sometimes selling a property at the highest price is a challenge of staging, sometimes of creative marketing, sometimes it comes down to good market timing, taking the time to understand your house will help you represent your home in the marketplace.

After seeing your property and meeting with you, I’ll prepare a listing presentation for your property. A listing presentation is a private meeting where I walk you through my strategy for selling your home and it is a great opportunity to ask any market-related questions you may have about your home or your area.

What's Included in a Listing Presentation

All of my listing presentations include:

  • A marketing update and summary of your market
  • Current listings in your area
  • Current listings of properties with a similar style as yours
  • Recently sold listings in your area
  • Information about Royal LePage Johnston and Daniel
  • Information about preparing the home for sale
  • A breakdown of trends in your local market and community
  • A selling checklist for your home
  • A marketing checklist for your home
  • Infomation about staging a home
  • Copies of all the legal documents that you need through the selling process.

The listing package I presented is yours to keep. My clients find their listing packages to be a great resource!

Full Service - Preparing Your Home For Sale

Once we choose to work together, my first goal is to understand everything about your motivation, timing, goals, and expectations for selling your home. We will set a listing date to come to market, and we’ll talk about strategy and ranges for pricing your home.


It usually takes two weeks to get a house ready for sale. During these two weeks there are a number of things that I will assist you in co-ordinating: window cleaning, home inspection, decluttering, painting or paint touchups, staging consultation, photography, and the creation of floorplans and promotional brochures.


As we’re getting your home prepared, I'll be giving you regular updates on appointments and scheduling. You can count on me to be at your home whenever an member of my team or trade person is in your house and I’ll often drop by to lend a hand.

Marketing Your Home

With your home showing at its very best, my next job is to attract the largest number of high quality buyers to seriously consider your home.

Here are the proven ways I’ll market your property:

  • Listing your home on MLS
  • Listing yout home on
  • Posting your home through all Royal LePage and Johnson and Daniel outlets
    • J&D Website
    • Royal LePage Website
    • Internal Emails to J&D Agents
    • J&D Affilate Websites
    • Luxury Real Estate
    • Upcoming listings section in the Globe and Mail
  • “Coming Soon” email to private agent mailing list
  • “Coming Soon” email blast to 270 luxury agents at Johnston and Daniels
  • Calling local agents to bring their clients
  • J&D "For Sale" Sign on front lawn
  • Open Houses with Signage–Agent and extended Public Open House hours
  • Property Featured on J&D Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Pages
  • Online Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Mailchimp Email Campaigns
    • Sharing your home through my professional LinkedIn
  • “Just Listed” cards as required

Showings and Open Houses

Preparing and selling in the Toronto market is an intense few weeks where everything happens at the same time. Don’t worry, I’ll be guiding and managing the process for you! At all times, I’ll keep you up to date on what is happening and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Generally we’ll have 2 Agent Open Houses within the first few days of listing. I will then host Saturday/Sunday Open Houses from 1-5 p.m., providing feedback to you after each open house.

I will discuss with you showing preferences and timing.

Closing the Deal

It is likely that you may have some questions about the legal aspects of closing your deal. Having been a former Real Estate Law Clerk, I've seen every clause – so you can be sure you will be well informed and in good hands for this important legal transaction.


Work with an Agent with 25 Years of Experience in the Toronto/GTA Relocation Business.

Relocations are often extremely short and intense periods where hundreds of decisions are made in the timespan of weeks. Buyers who are moving to a new city put an extrordinary amount of trust in their Agent and lean heavily on their opinions and expertise to assist in ultimately selecting their home.

As an Agent, I work hard to be sure each and every one of my relocation clients are truly informed about the GTA/Toronto market and know the diverse options available to them. Clients who choose me can be sure that I not only will be working closely with them, but also assisting in the communicating with the relocation company and closing lawyer to ensure the entire process is seamless. My team also includes Mortgage Consultants and Brokers, Certified Professional Accountants, and Contractors.

I have been working in the GTA/Toronto Real Estate Relocation Business for over 25 years and have a level of experience and familiarity with relocations that is hard to match.

If you are considering relocating with me, please also take a look at my Buying or Selling pages to get a sense of the process I go through with all of my clients.

Relocating to Toronto - Buying

In addition to the process I go through on the Buying page, with relocation clients we generally end up spending more time talking about the Toronto/GTA market and discussing core questions that people moving to a new city want to know: the communities, transit/infrastructure, financial regulations and necessities, and differences between your current city and where we are looking.

Lots of our back and forth happens before you even get to Toronto. Over the time leading up to your first visit, I will be sending you listing information, photos, and asking questions about your current community/lifestyle.

My goal is that by the time you visit Toronto you have seen the diversity of options needed so that you do not feel pressured when you arrive to see properties. Throughout this process I am also working hard to ensure all your questions are answered and you do not become overwhelmed by information.

I pride myself on exeptional client service, let me show you that my 20 years in the relcation business can do for you in finding your dream home.

Relocating from Toronto - Selling

In addition to the process that is included on the Selling page, for sellers who are relocating from Toronto to another city, I spend a substantial amount of time working with your relocation firm and lawyer's closing office to ensure everything in your transition is smooth.

I work with you to understand your relocation companies' terms and policies, your transition timelines, cashflow planning (if you are buying before selling), and closing terms that line up with your new job. By the time the house is sold, not only are all the loose ends tied up, but the difficult personal hurdles have also been delt with: navigating what to sell/move/store, decluttering, and organizing.

If you are planning to move to the US, my years of expertise in cross-border moving will be invaluable.

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